Pastor Henry Brown

Pastor Henry Brown is the founder and Pastor of the First Trinity Church of God in Christ in the Capitol City of St. Paul, Minnesota. Since 1976, he has successfully pastured the church which, is now a landmark in the Selby-Dale area of St. Paul. There are few in the community who do not know of or whose lives have not been touched by “The church on the corner of Marshall and Chatsworth.”


Pastor Brown is a Graduate of Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas with a major in Mathematics and minor in Economics. He is very proud of his Southern upbringing. The son of native Texans who loved farming and ranching, Pastor Brown still loves the things he enjoyed in his childhood.


First Trinity Church of God in Christ started in the Whittier Community Park Building in South Minneapolis, where services were held from September, 1976 until April, 1978 when the congregation purchased the church building at 981 Marshall Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota.

In his early years he was employed as a Senior Systems Analyst for the Control Data Corporation. Pastor enjoyed a fruitful career in the computer arena, but later left to Pastor the church full time. He knew then that he needed more training as pertaining to ministry.


So he did much coursework at different colleges and always put his training to work. Pastor Brown loves to read and has a special quest for more knowledge and is receiving his Doctorate of Ministry Degree from Concordia College in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is quite an accomplishment for Pastor who is always busy with one project or another.


Since the days of the Model Cities Programs in Minnesota, he has worked with community and feels that the church should be the greatest community source/resource of all. It is the place where community meets Jesus Christ. First Trinity Church of God in Christ is a church with a big heart and a winning missions program. Pastor Brown has a servant’s heart. Service is what makes him smile (and he is always smiling). The more he gives, the more he wants to give and he is always thinking of ways to make things better. It is just in him to be progressive.


Having served on the Board of Directors of the St. Paul Council of Churches, he is a minister’s friend. Whatever he can do to assist the work – he does. Always encouraging and inspiring the members of clergy to continue in the work. “The work is too great, we cannot come down, we must build.”


For 30 years of his Ministerial Career, he served as the Superintendent of the Capitol City District Churches in St. Paul, Minnesota where he built the district to the largest in Minnesota. Pastor Brown is a very smart and innovative man who like the eagle meets challenges head on with supernatural strength. He is a quiet, humble, meek man who loves people and is fascinated by unusual tasks. He thinks that everything in doable and is fascinated by the “undoable”, stating that the “undoable just takes a little longer”. He often states that “The world has yet to see what the Lord can do with one man that is totally committed to him”, a quote by D. L. Moody.


In January 2009, Pastor Brown started the Minnesota Second Ecclesiastical Fellowship, a COGIC fellowship. He serves as Overseer for this great body of churches, and is excited about what God is doing in the Fellowship, also known as, “MN2”.


Over the years, Pastor Brown has served in many different capacities in the church and excels in them all. He often quotes Jeremiah in saying “Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, or the strong man glory in his might, or the rich man glory in his riches, but, let him that glorieth, glory in this that they understand and know me, for I am the Lord who exercise judgment and righteousness in the earth. In these things I delight.”


Pastor Brown declares that “I am all of these things, rich, wise and strong because God has touched my life and caused me to strive to be more like Jesus and to continue the work that he has called me to do.” “What a blessed man I am, to be able to serve.”

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